Hi Everyone!

I have created a new edition of my eBook Yoga Class Plans which includes the name of yoga poses in Sanskrit and now also in English. It is available for purchase on Amazon.

Yoga Class Plans is a book of over 100 yoga sequencing to inspire your Yoga teaching journey or personal practice.

For Teachers…
As Yoga teachers we go through cycles, when we are more inspired than at other times. Looking over our old class plans is a way to refresh our ideas and themes for our classes. In this book my wish is to provide teachers yoga class plans that will save you time preparing for classes and create themes for your sessions.

As an inspiration guide to yoga home practice…
This book with provide you with a vast array for Yoga practices to keep you motivated to keep progressing on your Yoga journey. Learn new poses and sequences to keep your practice fresh.
Included is a beginners series, intermediate, therapeutic and a series to activate the Chakra system.